Water–the essence of life

Water–the essence of life

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It is designed to understand that the world a can be a better place without destroying possibility for future generation by taking care of Climate

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August 26, 2019


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning

Learning Objectives

  • Students will create a narrative based on the importance of ‘Life Below Water’. Learning opportunities in Minecraft: Education Edition are offered in all curricular and extracurricular subjects.
  • Students will create an immersive experience by not only to learn about #SDG Goals but also make their peers aware about the same. They will learn understand and portray the need of Sustainable Fishing, Protect and Restore Eco-systems, Conserve Coastal and Marine Areas, Reduce Ocean Acidification, Increase the Economic Benefits from Sustainable Marine Resources
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the narrative tools in Minecraft: Education Edition (slate, poster, board, signs, NPCs)
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the world builder tools including the fill and clone tools
  • Students will publish their completed work to be shared with a global audience
  • Students will collaborate on the creation of their project and share responsibilities among a group
  • Students will utilize redstone and other elements in game to combine coding / engineering skills with storytelling which will enhance their critical thinking skills

Guiding Ideas

Why was the project taken?
We have lost 50% of total aquatic life in last 40 years. The year 2018 marked oceans hottest year on the record. Wildlife is Mother Nature’s greatest treasure, to protect it we must take every measure. The oceans drive global systems and make earth habitable for humankind.

“Change starts with you but it does not starts until you do.”
The proposed solution is setting up of a recycling programme at school.

FACTS:  Plastic bottle take 500 years to decompose. About 1200 soda bottles could carpet an average living room.
IMPACT: - Educating students about recycling provides the country a path to green future.
FINANCIAL PLANS:- The setting up of recycling programme would cost about Rs.3,486 to Rs.10,460 per ton of plastics.

1.    Administration, faculty and students need to work together to make the working plan of recycling programme.
2.    From cups to plastic forks , to plastic packaging , a lot of plastic waste is produced. Thus, setting up recycling containers in cafetaria would be very useful.
3.    Encourage students to bring junk mail from home.
4.    Hold recycling contests to encourage   students to collect as much recyclable material as they can.

Student Activities

The goal is Project Based Learning, so students will work in groups. Project is divided into stages.
•    Impact: Students will identify the books of different genres.
o    Think carefully about which materials are being used and why
o    Planning the settings to be using non Minecraft language in the form of Mindmaps.
o    As one the objective is keeping in mind the Sustainable Development Goals, Make all features sustainable by replanting any trees cut down and growing sustainable crops for food and giving appropriate message as reminders.
•    Stage Two: Develop the story by exploring the problems and solutions read by them and their friends. They will use narrative tools: find and place in inventory - slate, poster, board, sign, NPC
•    Stage Three: Students will use makecode for basic big structures to simplify the task and later on improvise it as per the structure required. As an extension activity, students can add elements using redstone and other tools to create a more interactive experience for the reader.

Performance Expectations

All students will submit a complete story as a mcworld file. Expectations include the following:
•    Story is complete and a player can travel through the entire story
•    Directions for the player are clear - it should be clear where to go, what to do, etc. so a player doesn't get lost in the world.
•    A variety of narrative / story telling tools should be used throughout including:
o    slate
o    poster
o    board
o    sign
o    NPCs
•    Students should use the fill and/or clone tool to make building more efficient
•    Students should interactive elements with redstone and MakeCode
•    Students will learn without stress but have fun in each step.
•    Use the camera and portfolio to document the story as it unfolds
•    Use Screencast to capture video evidence of role plays and guided tours of settings
•    Create a story board using Sway to tell your story.


  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Project Based Learning