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Learn more how to use Sequencing in blocks, JavaScript and Python with MakeCode Coding Editor.

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October 12, 2020


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to code the agent and builder to move in various directions.
  • Learn to code the agent and builder to set items as they move.
  • Learn how the sequence of the code affects how the code runs.
  • Utilize the following NGSS standards: PS3B: Conservation of energy and energy transfer
  • Utilize the following CSTA standards: 1A-AP-08, 1A-AP-11, 1A-AP-12
  • Utilize the following ISTE standards: 5D

Guiding Ideas

These learning activities are designed to provide the learner with flexibility and choice in his/her learning.

The learner will be introduced to three tutorials that are at three levels of difficulty (Novice, Intermediate and Expert) which are followed by an educational activity where he/she can apply coding skills.

Within each tutorial, the learner will have the option of selecting a coding language (Blocks, JavaScript or Python).

The learner may choose a tutorial at his/her appropriate difficulty level and language OR choose to complete all tutorials and the educational activity. It will take approximately an hour to complete all the activities.


  • What are the steps to make a PBJ sandwich? Check to see if your steps are same as a classmate. Is the PBJ sandwich the same at the end of the steps?

In most cases, the students are going to have some steps that are different than the others. Really draw attention to doing the steps EXACTLY as said and seeing how each outcome could be slightly different.

  • Are there rules in English that have to be followed in order to spell words correctly? Name 2 rules and give an example of each rule. (Other languages may be substituted for English).

Some examples are I before E except after C, every word must have at least 1 vowel, Q is always followed by a U, etc.

  • In Mathematics, what is the order of operations? What happens when the order of operations is not followed?

The order of operations are Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract. If you don’t follow the order of operations, you will not get the correct answer.

  • How does changing the sequence of the code affect how it runs?

Code is run in the order it is written. If you write it out of order, the code will run incorrectly or draw an error. 

Student Activities

TUTORIAL 1: AGENT MOVE (Novice - 5 minutes)

Main objective: The learner will utilize the chat commands to code the agent to move in various directions around the Minecraft: Education Edition world.

Answer Key:

TUTORIAL 2: BUILD A MAZE (Intermediate - 10 minutes)

Main objective: The learner will code the agent to move following a specific set of instructions while placing blocks at a specific location in the agent’s path. The agent will respond to several different on chat commands.

Answer Key:

TUTORIAL 3: OCELOT ENCLOSURE (Expert - 15 minutes)

Main objective: The learner will code the Builder to move following a specific set of instructions while placing specific blocks along the perimeter of their path. Then they will spawn several animals into the area previously fenced in.

Answer Key:


Subject Area: Physical Science

Main purpose of the activity: The learner will model an example of a closed circuit using Redstone.​

An open circuit is one where electrons are unable to complete the pathway.

A closed circuit is one where electrons are able to complete the pathway.  ​

The learner’s challenge is to use the agent to build a closed circuit to turn on a light on the porch.

Outcome of This Activity:

The learner will have successfully coded the agent using chat commands to build a closed circuit that turns a light on when a button is pushed. ​

Possible Solution for this Activity: 

Performance Expectations

Ask the learners about new skills that they have practiced during the activity to reinforce the concepts.

  • What does agent detect do?

Agent detect can determine if an item is around.

  • What is a Conditional?

A conditional is a statement that tells a program to do different actions depending on whether a condition is true or false.

  • What does the term Sequencing imply or require?

Sequencing requires that steps to a problem’s solution be done in a specific order to produce a specific result (finished product).

  • How did the agent use Boolean logic to successfully build the maze?

The agent place on move commands required the evaluation of a Boolean true in order to execute.

  • How was the random generator used to help the Builder spawn animals inside the fenced areas?

The pick random position function was given a set of parameters that were carefully chosen so they would be inside the fenced in area walked by the Builder.


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking