Sea Turtle Assistance

Sea Turtle Assistance

8-10 yrs old

11-13 yrs old


Computer Science


Block 1 Lesson 2: algorithms, sequencing and loops.

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September 15, 2020


  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking

Learning Objectives

  • By the end of Lesson 2 the students will have learned about the concepts of Pattern Recognition, Algorithms, Sequencing, and Loops
  • CSTA standards coverage: 1A-AP-08, 1A-AP-09, 1A-AP-10, 1A-AP-11, 1A-AP-12, 1A-AP-14, 1B-AP-08, 1B-AP-10, 1B-AP-11.
  • ISTE standards coverage: 3D, 4A, 5C

Guiding Ideas

We are continuing in our work with the Animal Research Center (ARC) and going on our first assignment to the Galapagos Islands. We have received reports of tourists entering the nearby turtle nesting ground. We need to see if the reports are true and investigate the area for damage. Less than 1% of baby turtles make it to maturity. The slightest disruption of the local ecosystem can reduce that number even further. By utilizing the skills, we learned with our Agent we are going to make necessary repairs and clean up the area.

Student Activities

Activity 1: Turtle tracks

Activity 2: Agent turn

Activity 3: Blocked path

Activity 4: Garbage clean-up

Bonus activity: Beach clean-up

Performance Expectations

Ask the students about the skills that they have learned during the lesson, to reinforce the concepts.

1. Q.  What coding block repeats a piece of code a set number of times?

  • A. The repeat coding block.

2. Q. What coding block commands the Agent to destroy an item?

  • A. Agent destroy.

3. Q. What is it called when we repeat code over and over?

  • A. A loop.

4. Q. What are detailed instructions or formulas for solving a problem or completing a task?

  • A. Algorithms


  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking