Roald Dahl's Boy - The Great Mouse Plot

Roald Dahl's Boy - The Great Mouse Plot

8-10 yrs old

Art and Design

Reading and Writing

The Roald Dahl Museum and Minecraft: Education Edition team up to bring you these timeless stories into your classroom.

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June 7, 2017

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Learning Objectives

  • Students will explore the elements of a plot

Guiding Ideas

• Recap the story of The Great Mouse Plot

• Students discuss in groups the following questions:

- Which parts from The Great Mouse Plot do you think Roald Dahl exaggerated?

- What do you think Mrs Pratchett was like in real life? - Do you think the boys really thought they had killed her?

- Did she watch them getting caned?

- Could this actually have happened? (The children should understand this is still believable but just exaggerated)


Student Activities

Make a mindmap of the the ingredients of a good story.

• Draw a cake on the board and ask students to imagine they are making a story cake. They must add all the ingredients they would need for a story: e.g. a beginning, middle and end, plot, good and bad characters, suspense, drama, comedy, a cunning plan, truth...

Step by step, identify the basic structure of a plot:


• They can write out the structure or create a storyboard.

• The children divide into groups.

• Each group has a sheet of paper on which they can map out the rise and fall of a plot.

• Each group must draw a line which indicates the ups and downs on the piece of paper.

• The children explain to each other the main events of the story of The Great Mouse Plot by pointing to different elements of the plot structure.

• They can also draw or write the events of the story on the paper.

Performance Expectations

Group or Independent Activity:

Ask the children to think about an event they would include in their autobiography - a birthday party, a discovery, meeting a new brother or sister for the first time, getting in trouble at school.

• The children need to exaggerate a part of their story to make it sound more interesting like Roald Dahl does.

• Explain it still needs to be something that could happen and is believable!

• The children create a storyboard of their autobiographical account.

Minecraft: Education Edition extension:

Roald Dahl's Boy' includes moments from Roald Dahls own life which he transforms into an incredible story.  Boy is a masterclass in storytelling perfect for budding authors and creative minds.  You might want to inspire your students by sharing your own memorable schooling experience from your own life. Now, ask students to recreate a memorable moment from their years in school in Minecraft.


  • Creativity

Supporting Files


View the full lesson by downloading this pdf.