Python 101 - Lesson 1

Python 101 - Lesson 1

11-13 yrs old

14-18 yrs old

Computer Science


All That Syntax

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September 8, 2020


  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Learning Objectives

  • Test and debug (identify and fix errors) a program or algorithm to ensure it runs as intended. 1B-AP-15
  • Systematically test and refine programs using a range of test cases. 2-AP-17

Guiding Ideas

Tell the students that they need to help a software development company called CodingMine by finding and fixing all the bugs in the software they create. The CEO of the company really needs the students’ help, as it seems that the problem has become widespread in many pieces of code that they write. The students need to write down Minecraft Python commands using the correct syntax and find and correct errors in other already existing pieces of code.

Student Activities

Coding Concepts:

- Computer languages

- Algorithms: how a computer thinks

- What is Python, and what version of Python will be used?

- Syntax

- Minecraft Python command structure

Coding activities (30 minutes)

1. What is right?

Tell the students that the developer needs their help to figure out which one of the commands on the computer monitors is written correctly. They will have to do this by checking each of the commands in the coding window [c] to find the one that works. When they find the correct one, they need to press the mouse button on the right side of the small computer monitor where that command is shown. Explain to the students that there should be no syntax errors shown when a correct piece of code is run, and the command should show the word “Hi” in the chat.

2. What's missing?

Tell the students that the programmer has asked for their help as he cannot find out what syntax blocks are missing from the commands on the monitors. There are syntax blocks in the chest in the middle of the room. The students will have to use these blocks to fill in the missing syntax of the commands. The students can also check different solutions for each of the commands on the monitors by running them in the coding window.

3. What is the correct number?

Explain to the students that the data scientist has asked for their help to find out what the correct answer for three sums is. Once they find the correct answer, they should choose it from one of three given possibilities, under each monitor, by pressing the correct button.

Performance Expectations

Ask the students about the skills that they have learned during the lesson, to reinforce the concepts.

1. Q. What command do we use if we want to show a piece of text or a mathematical value in the chat?

A. The player.say() command

2. Q. Do we use quotes when we want to show a piece of text in the chat?

A. Yes

3 Q. Are numbers used with or without quotes if we want to use their numerical value?

A. Without

4. Q. What syntax do we place around the parameters of a command?

A. Parenthesis.



  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking