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Students create different areas of your school showcasing the important features. This lesson is and introduction to teaching via mine craft any age.

avatar Submitted By: Joy Hagelthorn

February 9, 2018


  • Citizenship
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn to collaborate effectively especially when there are 2 conflicting ideas that they may be passionate about
  • Students learn to map structures from reality to graphics
  • Students consider the value of community and the importance of embracing new people to our community
  • The main objective is a preliminary test using Minecraft as a resource for Problem Based Learning Lessons

Guiding Ideas

What area do you think is important for a new student to know at your school

Why do we want to help newcomers

How could we use mine craft to do this

How would you accurately transpose a real life building to Minecraft


Student Activities

List area/s of the school that are of importance to you

Find out more about the area - any facts or interesting things that happen here which you didn't know about

Draw the outline on graph paper

Express this in Minecraft being as clear for a new student as possible


Performance Expectations

Students are expected to create at least one area showing what the school has to offer. Students should collaborate with others to help or receive assistance.


  • Citizenship
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity