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¡Hola Mundo!

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Get to know your students while they introducing themselves to the rest of the classroom with Minecraft EE and OneNote.

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August 23, 2018

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  • Communication
  • Project Based Learning

Supporting Files

Mis Compañeros de Clase Bingo

Learning Objectives

  • Use Spanish vocabulary to describe themselves
  • Get familiar with basic Minecraft EE commands
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration
  • Develop creativity and communication skills through a variety of multi-sensory methods
  • Build a learning community

Guiding Ideas

Students will create their character in Minecraft EE and introduce themselves to the rest of the class.

  1. Why do I need to design my character in paper first?
  2. How many blocks do I need to create my character?
  3. How do I describe myself in Spanish?
  4. How will I share my information with the rest of my classroom?
  5. What is a learning community?
  6. Why is a learning community important?

Student Activities

Design your character! (Unplugged Activity)

Students will design their Minecraft characters in a pixel paper. Numbers and colours in Spanish will be introduced to students so they can use the new vocabulary when designing their characters.

Bienvenidos al Mundo Minecraft!!  

Students login into Minecraft EE and start creating their Minecraft character based on their designs. Once they are done they take pictures of their character with the in-game camera. You can give students camera and portfolio with the following commands:

Camera: /give @a Camera

Portfolio: /give @a Portfolio

Hola Clase!!  

Students export their portfolio pictures and insert them in the OneNote Collaboration Space page with their name. Next to the picture of their character they have to add the following information in Spanish:

  •  Name
  •  How old they are
  •  Favourite colour
  •  Name of their pet (if they have one)
  •  Favourite food
  •  Hobbies
  •  Birthday

Human Bingo 

Distribute the human Bingo cards. In the card, they are boxes, each of them with headings. Students will have to go around the classroom asking other students questions about themselves in order to find out who meets the heading for each box. Students will write the name of the classmate if they meet the heading.


Performance Expectations

  • Knowledge Construction – students use the new vocabulary to create their characters and describe themselves
  • Communication Skills – Students provide and analyse information to get to know their classmates and complete the human bingo card
  • ICT Skills – Students will use different technologies to complete this task: Minecraft EE and OneNote.
  • Collaborative Skills – Students will have to interact with each other
  • Creativity Skills – Students will have to develop their creativity skills when designing their characters and creating their OneNote information page.



  • Communication
  • Project Based Learning

Supporting Files

Mis Compañeros de Clase Bingo