Haunted House

Haunted House

8-10 yrs old

11-13 yrs old


World Languages

In this lesson, students will review the topic 'parts of the house' by creating their ideal haunted house.

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June 21, 2018


  • Collaboration
  • Project Based Learning

Learning Objectives

  • They will review specific vocabulary of the parts of the house They will demonstrate they know the concepts by creating the house They will use their creativity to build the house

Guiding Ideas

The lesson will be taught in Althea Classroom where they find the computers.

Depending on the availability of computers and the number of students, the activity will be done in pairs (if they can do it individually it's ok)

As the lesson takes only 45 minutes, there is a limit of time. It depends on the teacher.

Student Activities

In pairs, they have to consider what elements will take part in the construction of their haunted house. This means that they have to agree and disagree to choose the furniture and so on.

To get an idea, the teacher can show them a model of a haunted house.

Performance Expectations

Unfortunately, there is not much time, so the houses have to be quite simple.

The aim is creating the house in one session, but if other teachers want to take more time, the activity will be more complete.


  • Collaboration
  • Project Based Learning