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Ganymede & Saturn's Rings

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Block 2: Lesson 4. Conditionals and Operators

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June 24, 2020


  • Critical Thinking

Learning Objectives

  • This lesson will focus on Boolean (logic) Operators and using those within Conditionals. Boolean operators take Boolean inputs and evaluate to a Boolean output: disjunction A or B. A or B evaluates to true if either A is true or B is true or if both A and B are true.

Guiding Ideas

This lesson will be focusing on learning the concepts of Booleans, Operators, and how they work in Conditional. We have been working with Conditionals for the past three lessons, where based upon what the Agent Detect or Inspects the Agent will perform a certain action.


Student Activities

Activity 1: Ganymede, In the Groove

Activity 2: Ganymede, Ready to Rock

Activity 3: Saturn’s Rings, Mining Precious Metals

Activity 4: Bonus! Simulations!

Performance Expectations

What is Sequencing?

A: The set of logical steps that are carried out/executed in order.

2. Q. What is a Boolean?

A: A value that is either true or false.

3. Q. What purpose does a Comparison Operator serve?

A: To compare two values against one another.

4. Q. Can you explain what this coding snippet means?

A. While inspecting forward for emerald and not finding it, if the Agent locates a gold stone underneath, it needs to turn right, otherwise move forward by 1 and say “Found the rover!”



  • Critical Thinking