AI-5: Water Quality

AI-5: Water Quality

8-10 yrs old

11-13 yrs old

14-18 yrs old

Climate & Environment

Computer Science

Introduction to AI concepts, Lesson 5

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November 6, 2020


  • Critical Thinking

Learning Objectives

  • In this lesson the students will learn:
  • How to gather and prepare water samples for a dataset.
  • The use of machine learning algorithms in water quality testing and anti-pollution efforts.
  • The concept and application of supervised machine learning (optional).

Guiding Ideas


Explain to the students: that they are in a village where the people have been getting sick, all with the same symptoms. The doctors are suspecting that it is the water that everybody is drinking. It must be contaminated in some way. The students need to collect water samples from the rivers around the village, to create a database. This database then needs to be analysed using an artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning algorithm. This algorithm will then find the sources of the pollution. Making it possible for the students to go to these locations and stop the pollution. The AI algorithm that is going to be used in this lesson will be supervised machine learning.

Microsoft AI for Earth has a wide range of different partners, all using AI to help with environmental projects. By creating powerful solutions that utilize already built AI infrastructure by Microsoft AI For Earth. Giving people, from all around the world, the ability to improve their environment. Their activities can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Student Activities

ACTIVITIES: 30 minutes

Activity 1: Widespread Illness.

Activity 2: Straight from the tap.

Activity 3: Pollutants here, pollutants there.

Activity 4: Cleaning up.


Performance Expectations


Ask the students about the skills that they have learned during the lesson, to reinforce the concepts.

1. Why is it important for people to have a water source that is free of pollutants?

Answer: A water source that is polluted can cause different diseases that can then make the people or the animals that drink it, sick.


2. In this lesson, how did AI help us in cleaning up our water sources?

Answer: AI located the source that is polluting the water by analysing multiple water samples and determining where the pollutants where most concentrated.




  • Critical Thinking